Conquer Your Job Search Fear of Rejection


In primitive times humans lived in tribes, depending on each other for survival. Back then, rejection would have meant certain death. It is from here that our fear of rejection originated. Although we have evolved, our fear of rejection remains deep-seated. Fear of rejection is a strong human emotion and one that can hold us back.

How Fear of Rejection Impacts Your Job Search

During a job search, fear of rejection can cause you to limit your efforts to protect yourself from rejection. You may not be consciously aware, but you could be sabotaging your job search!

Fear is designed to keep us alert and safe. A little worry or anxiety in your job search can be good. It can motivate you to be your best and make an effort. Too much fear, however, can break your spirits. You don’t want to be so afraid of rejection that you don’t even try.

Think about your job search activities honestly. Are you approaching your job search half-heartedly? Do you procrastinate? Are you applying haphazardly and perhaps carelessly to opportunities you find predominately on job boards? You may be experiencing fear of rejection. 

How to Overcome Fear of Rejection in Your Job Search

Man needs a job unemployment

Chances are, you are going to get rejected during a job search. Unfortunately, rejection is an inevitable part of most job searches.

The goal is to shift how you think about this rejection.

First, think about what the rejection will actually mean. The answer is, simply, that you are not the right person for the job. The rejection is not of who you are. The rejection does not mean you are a failure.

Reframe rejection by looking for the positives. You may be rejected, but you may also learn something along the way, be inspired, and go on to find a better opportunity.

Rejection provides you with the opportunity to grow and develop. Think of rejection as a learning experience that will help you improve your job search efforts. If you believe that from each experience, you can learn something, you will start to see that your chance of success improves with every rejection.

By acknowledging that you will be okay even if rejected, you can boost your confidence and make it easier to put yourself out there.

If you can change your thinking and see that rejection helps you towards your goal, even rejection can be considered an accomplishment.

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