Hi! My name is Meaghan Marshall

I am a Resume Writer disheartened by the ordinary resume writing advice and outdated templates you often find online.  So, I created Resume Blueprints. Resume Blueprints is a website dedicated to helping you write your resume. As a counteragent to the vague, dated and unreliable resume writing advice you typically find, I aim to generate resources that will help you write a persuasive, targeted and authentic resume.

I publish articles that provide insightful advice and extra value. Drawing from my ten years of experience as a Resume Writer, my knowledge of the labour market, and early career experience in human resource management and recruitment. Additionally, I hold a Graduate Certificate in Communication (Organisational Communication) and a Graduate Certificate in Career Development.

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To Get Started Writing Your Resume

To help you write your resume, I have created a Step by Step Guide to Writing your Resume.

Step One: The Fundamentals of a Good Resume & the Basic Structure 
Step Two: Setting out the Scope of Your Past Experience
Step Three: Achievement Stories
Step Four: The First Page
Step Six: Editing & Proofreading 
Step Seven: Targeting & Keyword Optimisation

You will also find helpful advice on Resume Writing Conventions and Resume Clichés and Buzzwords.

To write a strong resume, you need to know how skills are performed well on the job. These articles will help:

How to Demonstrate Your Ability to Work Independently on Your Resume
How To Demonstrate Attention to Detail on Your Resume
What is a Team Player & How to Prove You’re One
How to Prove you are a People Person
Show Resilience on Your Resume

For Resume Writing Services

The other option is to have me write your resume for you! I can apply my years of experience and knowledge to create a well-written, persuasive, and authentic resume for you.

More information about my writing services is available here: Resume Writing Services

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