Another Word for ‘Skills’ on Resume


If you think you’ve used the word ‘skills’ on your resume too often, you probably have. You don’t need to use the word ‘skills’ nearly as often as you might think.

Here are three solutions to replace the word ‘skills’ in your resume

Prove your skills with examples

When writing your resume, you want to avoid simply listing your skills or making vague claims like ‘customer service skills’ or ‘skilled in problem solving’

Instead, demonstrate your skills with actual examples of your success using these skills or with other compelling evidence.

Rather than listing ‘customer service skills’, include achievement stories that describe a time you delivered strong customer service. For example:

Assisted customer select product according to a detailed list of requirements; listened carefully and provided a recommendation that met customer needs. The customer called the store to notify supervisor of exceptional service.

Resolved customer complaint by remaining composed, successfully calming irate customer and offering a solution. The call was later used as a positive example in staff training.

You may also be able to provide other tangible evidence of your customer service skills. For example:

Awarded Customer Service Representative of the Year in 2020

Scored in the 95% percentile on customer satisfaction ratings

Achieved an average 4.5 out of 5 rating for customer service last quarter

The evidence will speak for itself and is much more convincing than merely listing ‘customer service skills.’

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Is it a skill?

Another way to reduce the use of the word ‘skills’ is to consider if ‘skills’ is the best way to describe the qualities you are highlighting

Is it a skill? Would it be more appropriate to classify it as knowledge, experience, work style, work approach or personal quality?

Using these terms will ensure you don’t rely too heavily on ‘skills’ in your writing.

Synonyms for Skills

The final option is to replace the word ‘skills’ with a synonym. 

Try these: ability, expertise, competence, competency, capability, aptitude, talent, knack, handy, savvy, proficiency, know-how

This list of synonyms is heavily edited. I have purposefully selected words that we use in everyday language. Don’t go overboard with the thesaurus. You want to keep your writing simple.


‘I bring to the role of Plant Operator strong technical know-how and a knack for knowing what needs doing to keep construction moving.’

Rather than trying too hard:

 ‘I bring to the role of Plant Operator strong technical adroitness and adeptness for knowing what needs doing to keep construction moving.’

The first version is more natural and authentic.

Here are some more words to keep off your resume:

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