First Person Resume Example

First Person Resume

First Person is the i/we perspective. If you write your resume in the first person, you will use first-person pronouns (we, us, I, my, me, myself). While it is standard resume writing practice is to use first-person implied, it is acceptable to write your resume in the first person. In fact, you might prefer to do so to ensure an authentic voice.

Here is an example of a resume written entirely in the first person. (A text version is provided below the image)

You can find more information on standard resume writing conventions, including a demonstration of first-person implied here.

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First Person Resume Example

First Person Resume Example

Text Version Example of First Person Resume

Administration Officer


A member of the Wealth Management Group administrative team, I have excelled within this complex and demanding corporate service role. I have had the opportunity to take on higher responsibilities and have consistently earned customer praise. I look for ways to help my team and provide extra assistance. This is my first role after completing my Certificate III in Business Administration. I am proud of my professional growth over the past two years. I have recently had the opportunity to provide training to a new team member. This has confirmed my progress, and I am excited to continue expanding my skills and experiencing new challenges.


ZYX Bank | Wealth Management Group

As an Administration Officer, I greet and direct visitors, respond to routine queries and perform general administrative support. On occasions, I step in as a Personal Assistant (PA) to the Office Manager. This was my first role following graduation from my Certificate III in Business Administration, and I overcame a steep learning curve to master a complex service role in a challenging corporate environment. I applied myself whole-heartily to quickly gain confidence and the skills to take the pressure off other administrative staff.


  • I was selected to provide dedicated PA support to the Office Manager. Drawing on my time management skills, Ihave handled the higher workloads and competing demands with ease.
  • Leveraging my attention to detail, I coordinated the travel arrangements for eight staff. I kept track of specific individual requirements and then communicated arrangements.
  • I assisted the mailroom in resolving the accumulation of mail containers by contacting Australia Post to organise the collection and reuse of containers.
  • My manager received an email praising my customer service. I exceeded customer expectations when responding to a complex enquiry.
  • I trained a new administration team member, sharing my knowledge and expertise in Switchboard and TelephoneVoice Mail System.

Certificate III of Business Administration

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